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Sewing school uniforms Soviet of the USSR in the last call was a great addition to the production of prom dresses in the Dolina Mod. Were raised archives with pictures and patterns of school uniforms of the Soviet era, further explored the historical details. In the attic in the old chests were found and raised to the light of the original Soviet brown molds for girls. First there were the school uniform reproduced in its original silhouette. Further, given the will to fashion designers, so that they put their imagination and creative thinking. At the outlet it turned out, it became clear over time, demanded deluxe line of school uniforms from the Dolina Mod. The shape of this collection can be bought today. In addition, in view of the introduction of strict rules in Russia in school uniform, there was a real demand for the Soviet school uniforms for continuous wear in schools. Therefore, the sale of school uniform gets pretty good kind of business. Company Dolina Mod encourages its partners to include in its range of uniforms of the USSR with the expectation that the average increase in the spring season sales prom dresses. Buying prom dress, schoolgirl sure to pay attention to the school uniform for the last call. With the right approach, this related product necessarily increase total revenue.

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