Evening dresses

Evening dresses

Exclusive evening dresses wholesale from the manufacturer Dolina Fashion is an inexpensive price, adjusted patterns, limited edition, personal approach to each wholesaler.

Choosing a quality supplier factory Valley Mod, you can be sure that you are buying authentic and quality product.

a New collection of evening dresses from factory Valley Mod – dynamic, delicate, airy, dainty and perfect. For the upcoming season the designers decided to add a bit of transparent candor, a veiled ornate embroidery and intricate decor. Due to such unique design idea formal dresses imbued with a special magnetism and sensuality. Each model of the dress shows through youth and pristine beauty. So favorite with all the evening dresses from the valley of the Mod are present in the collection in a variety of colors and amazing splendor of lace and cut. Evening collection has a surprising variety of designs, styles, textures and provides an opportunity wedding salons and shops to create a unique exclusive evening images the graduates, their mothers, bridesmaids, and for all fashionistas in their important and significant celebrations.

We provide a wide range of elegant women's dresses for any special occasions. Flexible pricing policy of our factory allows us to buy beautiful women's dresses wholesale from the manufacturer at affordable prices, with the level of quality they will not be inferior to expensive counterparts.

we Have a large assortment of all kinds of elegant evening and prom dresses. Each piece is an exclusive design, with modern finishes, impeccable style and high quality.

Buying a beautiful evening dress wholesale in the valley of the Mod, you will surely appreciate our product and its a gorgeous fit. Our products are popular and in demand in the market already not the first year. If you want to increase sales and attract more buyers to your store, in this case it is necessary to buy our evening dresses.

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Платье Долина Мод DM-260

Эта великолепная модель подарит Вам множество незабываемых минут и тысячи прекрасных слов...

Платье Долина Мод DM-270

Подчеркнуть Вашу красоту может только платье, позволяющее оценить совершенство линий и гра..

Платье Долина Мод DM-468

Нежное вечернее длинное платье из атласа, накрытого легким шифоном. Лиф с шикарным вырезом..

Платье Долина Мод DM-515

Красота женщины заключается в совершенстве и богатстве ее внутреннего содержания, а эта мо..

Платье Долина Мод DM-545

Настоящая красота не зависит от изменчивой моды, вкусов и суждений. Это платье в греческом..

Лидер продаж!
Платье Долина Мод DM-548
Платье Долина Мод DM-548

Оригинальные детали превращают довольно простой силуэт этого шифонового платья в дивный об..

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