Pronovias 2018: evening and prom dresses

The History of the world-famous Spanish brand Pronovias began in 1922, the year with the opening of a shop selling lace and silk fabrics for wedding dresses. Forty years later the first Pronovias in Spain has released a collection of wedding dresses, and in 1968-m to year opened the first specialized Bridal stores. At present, the popularity of this brand is so high that the dresses of Pronovias are married stars of showbiz and the Princess of the European courts. The secret of success, it would seem, is simple — expensive natural fabric, perfect cut, fine handmade, according to the latest fashion trends, femininity, uniqueness and originality. But not everyone is able to repeat such a brilliant result of the brand Pronovias, which is the international industry leader. The family who founded the company, still controls the group and is engaged in its development, instilling the core values that characterize long-term work: the quality and design. Model Pronovias allow you to be charming, while maintaining the characteristic of the image of the bride purity and cleanliness.

Evening dresses Pronovias prices are quite affordable, are made of taffeta, silk, sateen and satin – fabrics that allow you to create complex and voluminous skirts, heavy cascading pleats and elegant silhouettes. In models elaborate the main focus is on the richness of the texture of the fabric and design details – pleats, large pleats, flounces. Featuring a simple cut dresses Pronovias traditionally finished with belts, feathers, lace, bows, appliqués of tulle.

the shades of Blue are predominant in the new collection of evening and prom dresses 2018 from the brand Pronovias. Can also be traced in the new collection the following traits: capes, open shoulders, sheer fabric, with light vegetal and floral ornament embroidery.

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