Prom dresses 2018. What to wear to prom?

Not so much time left until the moment when you hear for graduates last call — an invitation to their new adult life, which begins festive graduation ball. The most far-sighted graduates probably already made myself dresses and evening dresses. But the most choosy of the girls still have time to buy their unique prom dresses 2018.

At the prom do not want to be in the same outfits with someone, each graduate to strive to stand out and be different from anyone tonight, special and remarkable. After all, the graduation gown in the photo you will with bated breath and with a slight nostalgia to consider many years later. How to choose the best outfit for prom? To create a unique image and to pick up dresses for prom to find your own style, look original and fresh — not so easy, because you will have to consider not only their own tastes but also the fashion trends.

For any figure is its dramatic dress, it only remains to find.

Guarantee a hundred percent trendy top is the buying of an outfit in the elite fashion houses. Of course, not every graduate can afford evening dress from Lagerfeld or from the fashion house Dior, but no one bothers to use the ideas of the great couturier.

the Lack of decorative detail, minimalism to elegant cocktail dresses, using spectacular high-quality fabrics and impeccable tailoring are the main components of Haute couture dresses. Prom dresses 2018 are made of organza, silk, delicate taffeta, fashion once again became a noble satin of high quality.

Youth brands in this year's emphasis is on minimalism, with special attention to tailoring and flawless fit. If the basis for imaging to take creations of Maestro in the world of fashion, it is possible to use only the basic idea, for example, take the lace of different densities to create a shimmering effect, to focus on a cool mix of colors and textures.

Dresses for prom 2018 continue the tradition of Hollywood stars on the red carpet – fashion long dress in floor, style a La the mermaid tail, when the tissue below the knee turns into a long train. Well, mini dress with a similar train will make a real splash, showing the slender young legs. By the way, take care in this case about the right shoes – a great choice will be the triangular chunky heel or stiletto heel. Important clarification — in short skirt modern dresses have attractive enough, but not deep neckline.

Long dress you can pick up on any figure, in fashion remain flowing silhouettes in loose fitting skirts with exactly planted the bodice.

Dress in the Empire style with antique accent, resembling a Greek tunic, with its graceful drapery and folds, still at the peak of popularity. In this dress you can hide some of the error shape.

Afraid to make a mistake with the choice of fabric, style and color of prom dresses? Want to charm and conquer, but do not want to seem outrageous or ridiculous? In these situations the best choice will always be the actual proven classics. Black and bright bodycon party dress as a floor-length and mid-calf length or cocktail — perfect. Black color can be replaced by elegant graphite. Moreover, later, it is this dress not just help you out at parties and gala dinners. Beat classic outfit with decorations and you will get many unique and beautiful images.

One of the hottest trends for the past several years, remains a romantic floral theme. Floral print is one of the most relevant in this season. Simple cut dresses accentuates the richness of the palette and diversity of the floral pattern.

Flowers brooches adorn the shapely shoulders of graduates. Buds and flowers are appropriate on the wrists, belts, pins and hoops. Fragile girls with the perfect waist perfect the so-called dress-flower, with lush skirt, half resembling a flower Bud.

Bright girls, always used to be the center of attention on your prom will certainly want to stand out and win the hearts of everyone around you. Unusual decoration of feathers, jewelry, outfit of large stones and colored rhinestones, fashion, animal and geometric prints — all to help the one who used to surprise and to shock.

the Main trend in dresses prom-2018 called the return of the polka dots and retro style: black-white-red range will make you the Queen of the evening! Very relevant are also dresses in the style of the sixties, the short dress style "Tulip" and short sheath dresses without any decoration and frills. In General, the main feature of the outfits to the prom in 2018 will be the minimalism and lack of sophisticated, striking and outrageous designs.

Choose a dress to the prom in such a way to have a fun and relaxed time: holidays created in order to dance, have fun and relax.

fitting be sure to try to move, to sit down at the table, bend over, and if the dress is not becoming in irons, it is possible to buy!

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