School uniform USSR

Tailoring the Soviet school uniform of the USSR in the last call was a great addition to manufacturing prom dresses in the Dolina Mod. Raised the archives with pictures and patterns of the uniforms of the Soviet era, further studied historical details. On attic in old chests were found and brought to light the original Soviet brown shapes for girls. The first was the school uniform played in its original silhouette. Next, I gave vent to designers to put their imagination and creative thinking. The output was , as it became eventually clear, popular line of school uniforms deluxe from the company Dolina Mod. The form of this collection can buy today. In addition, with the introduction of strict rules in Russia the school uniform, there is a real demand for the Soviet school uniform for wearing in schools. Therefore, the sale of school uniform is becoming quite a good business. Company Dolina Mod encourages partners to include in its range of school uniform USSR with the expectation of increasing the average what is in the spring selling season graduation dresses. Buying a prom dress, the girl must pay attention to the school uniform for the last call. With the right approach, this companion product will increase total revenue.

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Лидер продаж!
Школьная форма СССР Смена
Школьная форма СССР Смена

Как-то так получилось, что эта модель школьной формы стала самой популярной. Т.е она прода..

Школьная форма СССР Ульяна

Эта модель комплектуется коричневым (синим, черным) платьем с воротником стойка и фартуком..

Школьная форма СССР Восторг

В этой модели платье темно-коричневого (синего, черного) цвета выполнено с воротником стой..

Школьная форма СССР Богема

Этот комплект школьной формы включает в себя коричневое (синее, черное) платье с воротнико..

Школьная форма СССР Deluxe

Эксклюзивный вариант школьной формы из коллекции deluxe. Синее (коричневое, черное) платье..

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