Wedding exhibition in Moscow 2020

Wedding exhibition in Moscow 2020

Three months remain until the opening of the 36th international wedding exhibition "Wedding Fashion Moscow" - and this is very small, because almost the next day after the closing of the previous exhibition, all fashion designers seeking to take part in this beauty and elegance contest, with inspiration and new ideas begin to develop new unique models and gorgeous images. After all, every fashion designer, even a beginner, dreams of reaching the level of great couturiers, and it is these ambitions that allow them to create truly pearls of wedding style. And now, in the remaining time before the exhibition, fashion designers, designers together with the best masters of their studios and workshops bring to perfection their creations to conquer the visitors of the exhibition.

Every year the exhibition is visited by 13 000 to 15 000 people. These are Directors of wedding and evening fashion salons, owners of wholesale and purchase organizations, agents and distributors of brands from Russia and countries of near and far abroad.

The exhibition gives great opportunities to wedding business professionals, because it is a unique meeting place for manufacturers and buyers, where profitable contracts are concluded in 3 days, new partners meet, participants find new customers and new markets.

Our company Dolina Mod is a constant participant of the Wedding exhibition "Wedding Fashion Moscow" for 15 years. During this time, we have established partnerships with wedding salons and evening dress shops in 159 cities of Russia and CIS countries, and we cooperate with many wholesalers on a permanent mutually beneficial basis.

This cooperation allows us to identify consumer demand for specific products, the most attractive and popular fabrics, design and plan the production and development of models for the consumer.

For the spring exhibition "Wedding Fashion Moscow" our designers have prepared new delightful models, completely different from the previous ones due to the use of new luxurious fabrics, refinement of design, but retaining the main quality-perfect fit. And in the model of the previous collection, in demand and in demand, made a novelty due to new, more interesting fabrics, lace and taking into account your wishes, our dear customers.

We look forward to meeting You at the Wedding exhibition on March 12-14, 2020, and are confident that we will be able to please you with our products.