Wedding dress Florence MS-886

Brand: Mila Sposa
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Артикул: MS-886

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Simplicity, laconism, and nobility are the characteristics of the new Florence model, which is extremely elegant and presents the silhouette in the most advantageous light. A deep neckline on the chest, covered with a flesh mesh, a small half-sleeve that emphasizes the shoulder line, the perfect fit of the bodice. The single-color fabric of the product-dense, holding the shape-is ideal for this model. The sun skirt sits flawlessly, the racy cut on the left leg is hidden in the deep waves of this luxurious skirt. The highlight of this dress is a belt embroidered with pearls, which gives elegance to this, at first glance, strict model, and emphasizes the slimness of the figure. This dress will emphasize the elegance and nobility of the bride.

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Mila Sposa