Dress in the style of 20-ies of XX century

Today is still actual retro-style, trends 2018 reminiscent of the Golden era of the 20-ies of XX century. This is demonstrated by us and celebrity outfits on the red carpet, and latest collection of the world's fashion designers.

Models of dresses in those years differed straight brim, asymmetrical hem, low waist, lack of sleeves and causing the notches on the back, reaching almost to the waist. In General, a silhouette was to emphasize the leanness and angularity of the figure. Later, in the mid-90s, the type with a light hand model Kate moss will again in Vogue under the name “heroin chic”. However, in fairness, we note that in the 20s, the presence of a handbag tiny snuff boxes with the opium was not a rare phenomenon, especially among the “Golden youth”. Lack of femininity in clothing successfully compensated makeup. The shade of dark gray and black colors, intense smoky eyes, rich red and cherry shades of lipstick – it was a direct reflection of the images of fatal beauties from the silent movie.

At the end of 1921 fashion began to dictate a gradual decrease in the length dresses. This trend was relevant until the mid 20's. the Apogee was 1926 when Coco Chanel showed the world his famous black dress.

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