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Today, at the peak of popularity of fashion wedding dresses are in the style of 30-ies of the last century. Many modern couturiers draw inspiration from the fashion trends of the era of jazz, glamour and the emerging private parties.

the era of the 30-ies of XX century particularly controversial. On the one hand, that the global financial crisis, the ideology of fascism, the universal feeling of the war. But it's the heyday of Hollywood glamour, the artificial beauty and art of luxury.

the 30-ies — beginning of the Golden age of Hollywood. Movie becomes sound and color, Hollywood creates new characters — beautiful, gifted, lucky, perfect. People enthusiastically watching artificial, but beautiful and happy life cinema, distracted from their own problems. The movie has a huge impact on life, way of thinking, the fashion of those years. Despite the "Great depression" in America, the style of 30-ies is considered the most luxurious in the history of fashion of the 20th century. Draped dresses, pleated skirts, fur stoles, long scarves, elegant hats, gloves, little bag and shoes with a large heel, all of this flamboyant fashion of the 30s.

this is Most clearly the style of the period, reflect the main heroine of the film "Grand Hotel," "the Lady with camellias" and "Mata Hari." The idol of millions at this time are Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford, Mae West, Clark gable, Cary Grant. It's style icons, the perfect people like that want to be everything. Always elegant and feminine, but at the same time cold and impregnable these heroines was a trendsetter of fashion of the time. Luxurious blonde curls, long curly eyelashes, thin eyebrows, all of it brought into fashion they are.

In the evening fashion is dominated by Neoclassicism. Not only formal, but cocktail dresses are elegant and luxurious, and certainly long, certainly from silk or satin, certainly low-cut. The most popular model of the evening outfit is a long dress cut on the bias, with high waistline and loose puffed sleeves. It was considered particularly chic to wear a dress with a deep neckline on the back. The outfits were reserved decorated: played on the contrast of glitter and matte material, decoration worn inconspicuous. The image has been in Hollywood luxurious.

Bridal wear 30 years is entirely subordinate to the fashion trends of evening dresses. Silk, satin, guipure lace, crepe — the favorite fabrics of the time. Fitted gown of flowing silk, flattering – on the crest of a wave.

the length of the dresses reached to the ankles and above did not rise. But it was offset by cuts with an open back and a plunge neckline. Great alternative they are stylish collars. According to the fashion of the time they can be corrugated or scalloped edges.

a Wedding dress a La the 30s should be with a train, at least a little. Another symbol of the era of the fur. It was worn with evening wear and daytime outfits. The most popular furs have been sable, chinchilla, Fox and mink. Fur boa can become a great addition to the vintage image of the bride.

a Mandatory attribute of the bride – headdress. The traditional veil is possible to replace the hat with a large brim or small tablet with a veil.

the women of that time paid much attention to the decorations. The long and short strings of pearls, jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones will be wonderful additions to the wedding dress.

If we talk about designers, this time at the height of their popularity there were two great ladies, and how unlike so talented Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli.

In the decade before that of France, formed a new aesthetic for, called surrealism. This direction should lead to the spiritual elevation, to erase the boundaries between dream and reality. Followers of the new trend experienced the desire to all irrational, non-standard, not meeting the norms. Surrealist ideas were reflected in painting, in film, in literature. The founder of the surrealist trends in the fashion world was an Italian aristocrat Elsa Schiaparelli. Elsa collaborated with Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali and man ray, dressed Marlene Dietrich and Mae West. Bright, loud colors, crazy patterns, many original decorative elements in a surrealistic spirit, resisted the dull utility of the troubled times of the 30's.

Coco Chanel the contrary reflect a classic feminine style. That's when the light appeared her famous "little black dress", behind her at that time was already not a small experience in the fashion industry, the first fashion house she opened in 1910.

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